Peter Smith - 99 Problems

99 PROBLEMS ...but a flake ain’t one!
From childhood memories and seasides, the good old ‘99 has an endearing quality like no other. Go on, reach in and grab it, you know you want to. To get just the right ice cream colour the oil paint when mixed was then painted directly onto real ice cream and cone, when you couldn’t tell the difference in tone we knew we had the correct colours to paint with.

Please note that this item is available to pre-order but orders will not be dispatched and won't be available in gallery until late October. However, if you can join us on Sunday 21st September, 12-4pm, Peter Smith will be at the Artmarket Gallery, with the full collection, for his first exhibition of this new collection. An excellent chance to see the 7 new prints and 3 sculptures in the flesh and pre order your favourites! 

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